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If you’ve been stressing about how you are going to drive volumes of traffic to your blog, you can relax, because it’s not actually as difficult as you might think. There are some key factors that will play a role in just how much traffic you can drive to your blog including things like your marketing techniques, SEO techniques, and how good you are at blogging. Every day billions of searches occur and you should be taking full advantage of this highly predictable source of potential visitors.

Let’s look at some killer techniques to maximize your blog traffic.

1. Take the time to optimize the load speed of your blog – Google actually factors load times into the ranking of your site/blog. Those sites that perform better get a higher ranking with Google. You can speed up your load by reducing the image size, caching plugins, and making sure your web host is reliable.

2. Use articles to increase your backlinks. Few bloggers actually consider using article directories but this is an excellent way to gain good backlinks to your blog, increase your search engine traffic, and build your popularity. Article sites are indexed often and so this is an excellent way for you to get your blog indexed quicker.

3. Make sure you have W3C compliant code on your blog. This is very important because if your blog is poorly coded it could stop the search engines from crawling your blog and properly indexing it.

4. Do not use black hat SEO techniques, which actually mislead the blog’s relevance to the search engines because of keyword spamming, the use of link farms, keyword stuffing, articles pinning, and hiding text. These techniques will result in your blog being banned from the search engines, which will lead to you getting no traffic.

5. Take advantage of the Google and Bing webmaster tools pages that let you submit the blog sitemap to the search crawler queue. This helps your blog get indexed much faster. You can also look at just how your blog is performing and take advantage of the stats so you know what’s going on.

6. Make sure that you update your blog frequently. Google likes fresh content and will place higher priority on a blog that is constantly being updated over one that’s updated maybe once a eek. So make sure that you are always posting new and interesting content to keep Google and the other search engines happy too.

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