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There’s a great deal of discussion around how to bring qualified and targeted traffic to your website. In fact, so much that after a while one’s eyes tend to glaze over and you wonder what you ‘should or should not’ do. So we thought we’d try to simplify it for you by offering you the best traffic technique for your website. We’ll take the guesswork out of it all so you can get down to business.

You probably already know that word of mouth can be a very powerful tool in business. This applies online as well. The most successful sites have been able to bring millions of targeted visitors to their website, because they had excellent word of mouth offline.

Are you confused? Are you wondering how offline word of mouth can be more important than search traffic, pay per click advertising and backlinks? Well it can and it is! Yet it is often the most overlooked traffic technique you have at your fingertips.

While you may not have complete control over word of mouth, it’s so powerful because it is people talking to people, friends talking amongst themselves – making recommendations to another person. For word of mouth to remain powerful, it must not be influenced. It cannot look like a sales pitch or a form of advertising or people will instantly lose interest.

That’s where your blog comes into play. Creating a blog is quick and easy. Once you have a blog up and running it becomes the perfect tool for word of mouth marketing. You promote your own products or services but it must not look like a sales pitch. You can do this by saying you are blogging to your friends and family. People find blogs interesting and fun to read. They are very popular right now. So it’s quite easy to get followers. It’s also very easy for you to write interesting content while at the same time weaving the marketing through your products and providing that very valuable word of mouth form of marketing that is such a powerful marketing tool.

You can never know which of your blog visitors will be that person that shares what you have to say with their friends and them with their friends, and so it goes. You simply have to encourage it, and then wait and see how your blog traffic. Don’t forget to also start spreading the word about your blog.

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