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  Traffic Streams You Need to Be Accessing  

Traffic is the blood stream to your website or blog. There are all kinds of traffic techniques that you can employ and just as many traffic generation services that you can use. But what you need to ensure is that you are getting traffic from the four key traffic streams.

1. Search Engines – offers free instant traffic
2. Joint Venture – offers free borrowed traffic
3. Viral Marketing – offers passive residual traffic

Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your website. SEO generates free and organic traffic. Done correctly, you will improve your rankings in the search engine and your placement, which in turn will generate more traffic for your website.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click instantly generates traffic. You will bid for the placement of your ads and pay each time a visitor clicks a sponsored link that takes them to your website. You need to know what keywords you are going to target to drive traffic to your website. Your site can really benefit from PPC ads to bring traffic to your site. Google controls about 50% of PPC marketing but the other 50% is spread among AOL, MSN, Yahoo, and Ask.

Joint Venture

Joint ventures can generate instant traffic. It’s actually one of the quickest, methods of generating free traffic to your website and building your business. You need to determine who has customers that could potentially be yours – finding a joint venture partner can be done via forums, blogs, search engines, etc. When done right you can significantly increase your traffic to your website. A joint venture should be a win-win for both parties. 

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing simply means that you cans spread content virally through the internet. There are a number of ways you can implement viral marketing. Creating a quiz is one way. People love to do quizzes, which was why Sudoku was almost an immediate hit on release. Another idea is to find a viral photo or video. YouTube is a great place to promote your own video. You might also teach something. People love to learn and if you have a website or blog that teaches them something, you can bring targeted traffic. Alternatively, you could be humorous, which is very popular on the internet. Share funny drawings, events, sayings, etc.

These four key traffic streams will ensure you build targeted traffic to your website. Give them a try!

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