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  Traffic Techniques for Your Website  

If you are wanting to drive massive amounts of traffic to your website or blog, there’s some great news – it’s not nearly as difficult as you might have thought. Let’s look at 4 killer traffic techniques for your website that will help you to rank higher in the search engines and bring you all kinds of relevant traffic.

1. Marketing your articles will increase your backlinks – Use article directories is an excellent way to create quality backlinks to your website or blog, which will increase your search engine traffic and your popularity. Because article banks are indexed by the search engines often, it’s a great way to get your site or blog quickly indexed.

2. Optimize your website or blog’s load speed – Google uses the load time of a website/blog in its ranking. The better your site’s performance the higher the authority it is given and the better ranking it receives. You can help to speed up your load time by reducing the size of your images, and using a web host that’s fast and reliable.

3. Take advantage of Google webmaster tools – Google webmaster tools allow you to submit your website’s sitemap to the search engine crawler queue. This helps your website get indexed a lot faster and and in a much more complete manner. These tools also provide you with very good feedback on how your site is performing.

4. Take advantage of trending topics – This is an amazing technique that works well if you can build your website or blog around. For example, events like the latest iPhone launch or a presidential election become trending topics. This leads to millions of people searching for the ‘hot topic’ of the moment. If you can get stories or news out quickly, Google will rank your site high and that will directly bring traffic to your site.

5. Twitter –Twitter is actually becoming a search engine of it’s own. When you use hash tags you can build extra traffic for your website.

6. Update Your Website or Blog Often – Google places priority on fresh new content. On your website or blog, the first couple of days after you add new content you’ll see an increase in your search engine traffic for your keywords. This eventually decreases. This happens because Google picks up content when it is new and sends traffic to your website or blog. If you are constantly posting to your site or blog you will get a real advantage on the amount of traffic Google sends your way.

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