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  What Good Traffic Techniques Will do For You  

Traffic – it’s really what makes or breaks a website or blog. If you have good targeted traffic to your website or blog, you’re on the road to success. If you have no traffic or very little traffic, then regardless of how great your products/services, you cannot do well online.

Think of your website like it’s a brick and mortar store. If you build your store in a busy mall or in a strip mall, you have traffic. That traffic comes into your store and you have the opportunity to sell them. However, if you decide to build your store on the outskirts of town just off a highway suddenly you no longer have access to traffic and you are much more likely to fail.

The same applies to your website. You need to make sure it places well in the search engines and that you create a flow of traffic to your website. You also want that traffic to be targeted so that when they arrive you have the opportunity to sell them something.

You do this by using every opportunity to create a link to your website and drive traffic there. You might start by creating a link exchange with a few relevant sites that are in your industry. That way there visitors might see your link and click on it bringing their traffic over to your site.

Backlinks are really good as well. These are one way links into your website, and Google along with other search engines see these as more important than two-way links. There are many ways that you can create a backlink or one way link back to your site.

Take advantage of the many article banks out there. When you create your article make sure it’s of value to the reader. At the bottom you’ll have your bio, which will have a link back to your website.

Social media is another extremely powerful tool. You can create your business page on Facebook and start to engage people in conversation, create offers, share information, and more. Not only do you have Facebook, there are other sites like Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc. Take advantage of any of the relevant social media sites. They are a great way to engage a large number of people and then have them come to your website.

Bringing targeted traffic to your site is key to closing the deal and selling them something. If you sell B widgets and your visitors are looking for D widgets, you’ll not sell them. So make sure that when you are promoting your site you are doing your part to ensure the traffic you generate is targeted. Once they arrive on your site the rest is up to you closing a sale.

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