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  How to Create an Effective Sales Funnel  

Do you have a business where you would like to your business prospects into paying customers? Then you need to create a sales funnel. If you aren’t familiar with that term, picture what a funnel looks like. Coming into the funnel, you have website visitors, which turn into leads, which come out of your sales funnel as customers. In other words, a sales funnel is simply a sales process that goes from the initial promotion to the sale of the product or service.  So let’s look at how to create a sales funnel that is effective.

1. Discover who your target market is – There is no point in promoting to people who are irrelevant to what you are offering. So take the time to identify your audience and what is the best suited material to sell your products/services to that market. It’s important to figure this out before you begin to generate leads.

2. Capture leads – It’s time to begin capturing niche leads and then build your list so that you can grow your business. These leads are very important to your business as they are your potential revenue. In order to attract visitors to sign up you are going to have to be giving them something. A good way to do it is to begin your sales funnel by giving the visitor something for free, such as a free report. Make sure your free item actually offers value or your visitor will pick up on it and leave.

3. Build a relationship with your lead – Now it’s time to sell them your ‘stuff’ so that you make money. You can start to promote your product here and to work towards converting them into paying customers. You will need to be offering a product of quality if you wish to achieve this and achieve repeat customers. It’s your repeat customers that allow you to grow your business effortlessly. Creating your sales funnel is easy, but creating one that is effective and will grow your business takes a little more planning, but once you do you are on the road to success.

Follow these three simple steps and suddenly you are on your way to building a very effective sales funnel that you can rely on. When your sales funnel brings in visitors and brings out customers, you can begin to enjoy the profits you have been anticipating. This is a highly effective plan so why not try it today.

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