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  Increase Your Business With a Sales Funnel Template  

Many spend endless hours trying to drive traffic to their website and can’t figure out why they have only minimal to moderate success. Some work extremely hard for a very small amount of money. If that’s you, then you’ll want to read on and learn how to increase your business with this sales funnel template.

The Sales Funnel Set Up
If you are trying to build a profitable sales funnel, it’s important to recognize that the sales funnel works by attracting large number of people and then converting those prospects to customers. Once they are customers, your next offer can be a higher priced item.

Setting up a Working Sales Funnel

First, you need to consider how you can attract prospects that would be interest in the products or services you have to offer. A common method is to focus on building a list of people who are potential customers, by building a squeeze page and giving away something free like an e-book or audio recording. You don’t need fancy graphics just a big bold heading that talks to your visitors. You can always look at what the competition is doing to get ideas.

Each of the sales funnel steps need to contain relevant, quality information to your niche. The initial item for sale should be low priced and build confidence as well as show your expertise. After your customers have trust in you, then you can begin to offer products or services that cost more. It will make getting those sales easier. Finally, you need to create a download page that contains instructions on the purchase your customer has made and a thank you message.

Sales Funnel Components
A sales funnel is required if you are doing network marketing! Understanding sales funnel basics will improve your ability to generate more revenue. The following are important components of your sales funnel.

1. Marketing
When you understand your buyers’ responses, you will be able to enhance your marketing skills and develop better marketing strategies.

2. Squeeze Page
This is where the visitor enters their personal information like name, phone number, and email address because there is something they are interested in receiving for free – perhaps an e-book or maybe a free teleseminar. This information can be used later to make another offer to these customers.

3. Autoresponder Service
This is created to help you build a relationship between you and prospects. When a visitor shows some interest, they sign up on your landing page and begin to receive your autoresponder messages.

4. Follow Up
This is another important component. You could direct prospects to your social media sites to connect on a more personal level. These days’ social media plays a key role in online businesses.

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