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  Sales Funnel Creation in 4 Easy Steps  

Not everyone is a big business with tons of resources. Many of us are small home based businesses – some are mom and pop bloggers offering single products or services, some of us run a website that offers just one product, and yet no matter how small our business we should be creating a sales funnel, because a sales funnel will attract potential customers by giving away free items or offering low cost items, and then convincing those prospects to sign up to your mailing list.

Once you have their contact information you can start to build a relationship so that once they are ready to buy they come to you. When you offer your prospects, a range of products that are at different price points you can build trust and make it easier for them to eventually spend the money on the more expensive product or service.

Mailing List
You have your large mailing list of potential customers that you have been building and gradually you build paying customers out of this. Let’s have a look and break this down.

Attract New Leads

This is where you find a way to attract clients to your site that would be interested in your products or services:

  • Meet potential clients through social media – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, etc.
  • Get your company mentioned in a press release or do your own press release and submit
  • Begin to publish interesting and unique articles on other sites
  • Post blog entries offering advice, tips, tricks, information, etc.
  • Ensure that the search engines are picking up your content

Offer Free Products or Services

Potential clients are hesitant to give you contact information, but when you give them something free in exchange they are much more willing to share their contact information.  You can offer a free:

  • Audio recordings
  • Newsletters
  • White papers
  • Mini e-books
  • One free teleseminar
  • Free consultation

Offer Entry Level Low Cost Products

You should offer a number of low cost products that show your potential clients your level of expertise without a large investment. They are much more likely to do this. Then over time, you can sell higher priced products as they come to trust you and build a relationship with you. This could include:

  • ebooks
  • Workshops
  • Video series
  • Audio series
  • Consulting or coaching
  • Membership sites

There you have it. You have moved prospects down the funnel to potential paying customer. It’s a process that works extremely well, so why not take advantage of it.

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